Cherish Life Created

Nurture your students’ passion. Discover their mechanics. Lead them to resources. Encourage exploration. Give their teachers freedom and time to probe, to assess, to experiment, to adapt, to teach. Shy away from cookbook strategies, materials and tests which do little more than presume your child fits. Rather, your child is a mosaic, a genius within. Let them be in it. Let them be it. Gaze across the room then. And, only then. See reflectively life created, life cherished.

William Anton Lee
First Draft
2013, April 29
[Cherish Life Created]

Hoax Alert: Senior & Disabled Obamacare

Senior Citizen and Disabled Citizen Alert:

There is an insidious, veiled practice of patient dumping going on. It is your supposed “champion” the Democratic Party who leads this campaign. You have diligently searched, sometimes for months and years to find a caring and skilled doctor who understands and competently treats your often difficult medical condition(s). You have worked your way through doctors who knew little about your condition, may be even determined that these doctors were too busy to do necessary homework to appreciate the unique care and protocols of your syndromes or diseases. You probably found skilled doctors who actually refused you as a patient once their billing clerk notified them you were a Medicaid or Medicare patient.

Today, through the vehicle of the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) States, like California, are placing Medicaid patients into “Managed Healthcare Organizations” for their care. The principle reason is simple – these organizations bundle doctor services and charge a cheaper rate. There are insidious reasons why these groups are able to charge these lower rates. Welcome to KMART medicine. Welcome to being a second class citizen. Welcome to the world of creative patient dumping. You already know the consequences. Those doctors who you worked through who knew so little and didn’t take the time to care or learn – they’re back and you are precluded from choosing your own specialists, even if they accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Mind you your favorite Congressional Representative and government employee doesn’t face this dilemma. They continue with gold plated care while us, the underclass, the social welfare burden, are relegated to second class, if not third class service providers. If you have a congenital syndrome or disease, if you have a medical condition requiring treatment other than standard prescriptions this new world order should trouble you immensely.

The euphemism affordable healthcare is a farce. We asked for Universal/Equal Healthcare and got screwed by people holding our hand while marching us into third rate institutional care. They didn’t fix the problem of those isolated by having no healthcare. They grabbed a whole class of competently cared for peoples and threw us into an underfunded pool in order to pay for a program that offers healthcare to those who don’t have it while retaining gold plated plans for themselves and others with political power or concentrated wealth.

Just to be clear, neither Political Party has our interests at heart and the sooner we wake up and throw all of these politicians under the bus the safer we will be.

Oh, and that “chained cost of living thing”, it’s another hoax to take money from us, the least who can afford it. Careful my friends because groups,like AARP don’t have our back either. They are a glorified insurance company selling us a bag of tricks while supporting this ruse.

If Social Security is the only program we can afford to protect ourselves in retirement and disability, it is a deFacto retirement program for the masses and to act or speak otherwise is bunk. Not all of us are lucky enough to land congressional, government or union jobs. Not all of us have the good fortune to be highly paid executives.

TAKE NOTE: Good fortune doesn’t earn people the right to push the less fortunate into a medical ghetto and call it affordable healthcare for all. It’s simply another form of patient dumping.

Raise Your Sail

As you sit in the Calm you can choose to nothing or to fear everything – or, you can raise the sail in preparation of the wind which will inevitably stir in the moments immediately after resting from your productive exercise. This is not faith, this is a deep understanding that life demands constructive actions even during the most difficult of times. This is not impatience, this is foundational. It is far better to prepare for the wind, then curse the quiet – else you will certainly sleep unprepared and wake up having unwittingly traveled from Calm to Calm.

William Anton Lee
2013, April 27
[Raise Your Sail]

On Being a Whole Person

“Education can help us only if it produces “whole men.” The truly educated man is not a man who knows a bit of everything, not even the man who knows all the details of all subjects (if such a thing were possible): the “whole man,” in fact, may have very little detailed knowledge of facts & theories…but he will be truly in touch with the centre. He will not be in doubt about his basic convictions, about his view on the meaning and purpose of his life. He may not be able to explain these matters in words, but the conduct of his life will show a certain sureness of touch which stems from his inner clarity.”

― E.F. Schumacher

Consider Evolution of Governance

An enlightened citizenry once agreed that Kings, Queens and Lords were an archaic form of governance. Today, we surely have the courage to agree that a Republic governed by statist, aristocratic Congressional Representatives is now equally archaic. Like the single shot revolver and horses of their time, Congress is an inadequate, old tool.

We know the modern-day solution is a Direct Democracy with every adult citizen entitled and compelled to vote on citizen-written legislation which follows reasoned levels of “majority” rule and practical “constraints” which provide for local governance over state or national governance on most issues of shared community and resources.

We can do this – we can and must evolve governance – we can and must move to break the hold of concentrated wealth and equally concentrated political power which is strangling and stealing liberty, equality, free will, opportunity, shared resources, and our democratic and universal prerogative.

Like Kings and Queens, Congress may have a ceremonial role, maybe even a very constrained role to check the Executive much like an Internal Auditor in a business, but its role as principle legislator-in-chief is done and right along with it the scourge of lobbyists that buy their votes.

We have no one to blame but ourselves as we avoid conversations about and evolved changes in governance and assume our vote for a National Savior every 4 years is our only responsibility to ourselves, our families, our community, our State, and our Nation.

Power as I Know it

Social Power comes from concentrating and controlling governance whether the tools of choice are land, money, resources, food, opportunity, jobs, guns and/or politics; and community be damned when those who jealously horde these tools conspire to put ownership in the hands of a select few wo/men.

– William Anton Lee, 2013 April 23

– Inspired by me, a citizen who still believes in the inherent rights of, and responsibility to Liberty, Free Will, Equality, Human Dignity, and the Pursuit of Dreams.

False Democracy

When will our society/community opens its eyes and see that concentrated wealth and concentrated political power are a two headed snake with one just as dangerous and onerous as the other.

When will it finally understand that democracy ruins itself by allowing either to hollow out its core and by inviting in the Trojan Horse that falsely claims democracy as its title.

We are fools to buy into the Kabuki Theater playing out today where political power blames wealth and vice versa while these two conspire in a sickening conspiracy to turn us into very poor pawns in their elite game of Masters of the Universe.

We overcome this when all of the people exercise their individual right and responsibility to have a equal and active share in the governance of their community.

Any form of governance, Republic, Socialist, etc. that abdicates individual accountability and personal, daily involvement in community and its governance is a ruse and can not honestly claim the distinction I reserve for democracy.

I’ve Had Enough

Live, it’s not that I didn’t try
Hard enough, hard enough
And this is why I’m saying goodbye
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough
Life you don’t see
The pain in me
That’s plain enough, plain enough
Life did you not notice the tears
I cried for us, I cried for me
I’ll take my share but I’ll be fair
There’s too much stuff
Easy enough
And if you choose I’ll break the news
This part is tough, so very tough

I’ve tried and tried to put aside
The time to talk, but without luck
So I’ll just attach this note to your mirror
And walk out the garden gate

And this is why I’m saying goodbye
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough

by William Anton Lee
2013 April 23
[I’ve Had Enough]

… My adaption of Dolly Parton’s song. Inspired by my Aunt Donna Jean who having lived a full life wished to go to sleep peacefully and say goodbye to the pain her failing body simply could no longer avoid or disregard. She was such a gracious lady that she rarely if ever complained about anything. After many months of dealing with her ailments and weeks in hospital, the many miracle recoveries she championed had drained her and seemed to have run their course. She reminisced about happy days, said her good-byes, and apologetically closed her eyes for the last time. I understand, but I do miss her sweet smile and wry sense of humor.

The Fading Rose

Moments remembered when we couldn’t wait to see Affection as it turned the corner or we missed it when life required distance, even for an hour or two.

Affection remembered as a soothing voice, dazzling eyes and sweet lips so often and generously offered without expectation, albeit with hope and love.

Love remembered as an enchanted paradise where glimpses, snippets, a passing touch, even a gentle push naturally kindled the flames of Affection.

Loneliness remembered when Affection faded because we chose seclusion, relaxation or false expectations, albeit Choice can so often be clothed in blind apathy.

Wonder not, we are the masters of both affection and loneliness wherein we find no solace in seeing the faded rose while remembering the rosebud, so much so that our heart refuses to be quieted.

So it is Affection perfected that effortlessly remembers to gaze into Love’s eyes, speak in song, tame fire with a soft kiss, and gently touch the hand that holds your heart.

Magic or not, it is pure joy to remember forever rosebuds and gentle blooms, for if it’s the faded rose we routinely remember we only have ourselves to consider the fool, no less the lonely fool.

by William Anton Lee
2013 April 18
[The Fading Rose]
First Draft

Diligence Considers Antithesis

Whenever a thought or somebody appears to you as “the one”, take this as a sign that you neither completely understand the phenomenon or the person, nor the transient or evolving nature of truth or humanity.

Be cautious when lazy presumptions find you attached to the present and blindly dismissive of the future. We are not omnipotent in-spite of false assurances of intellect or emotion.

Be diligent! Consider the antithesis!

Mostly, nurture that and those you journey with if you expect to look up one day and find yourself in the company of robust knowledge or loving companionship.

by William Anton Lee
2013 April 14
Diligence Considers Antithesis